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Privacy Policy


There must be adequate space for both truck, trailer and building to access the location where you would like the building set. If the driver determines that there is not enough space, arrangements for another location must be made by the customer. Customer is responsible for determining whether the ground conditions are suitable for delivery. If a Sunrise’s professional installer considers it inadvisable to attempt delivery to proposed location and customer wishes/insists to proceed, customer will bear full responsibility for any damage that occurs to his/her property.

Delivery professionals are not responsible for trimming trees, removing fences or any other obstructions at the site of delivery. Please have area cleared and accessible for delivery before driver arrives.

If additional trips are required to make the delivery, customer will bear the entire cost of the subsequent delivery, a $200 minimum.

Delivery Method: Once your order is verified and your credit is approved, your shipment will arrive within 5-10 business days. (Saturday, Sunday and holidays are not considered business days). Unless otherwise indicated your order will be shipped to the address listed with your credit card company as your official billing address.

Free Delivery offer is valid on all orders within 50 miles of the nearest Sunrise’s location even if it’s across a state line from the selling location. Previous purchases are not eligible for adjustments. After 50 miles from your nearest Sunrise’s location a charge of $3.50 per mile applies.

Delivery also includes leveling the building on the ground with up to 5 concrete blocks. It is NOT a problem for the pressure treated runners to be in contact with the ground. Additional concrete blocks will be charged at a rate of $5 per block to be paid to delivery professional at time of delivery.

Clearance required for delivery height of building plus 4 feet. Width of building plus 4 feet.


Cancellation Policy customer has the right to cancel and receive full refund if construction has not started or product was not delivered or attempted to be delivered.

Cash Sale If construction has started on new order, 15% of purchase price will not be refunded. If an in-stock building and delivery was attempted or completed, 10% of purchase price will not be refunded.

Rent to Own Sale If construction has started on a new order, down payment will not be refunded. If an in-stock building and product was delivered and or attempted to be delivered, the down payment will not be refunded.